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Whether you’re just looking to set up an online shop with a few products or you have a large inventory and require a full-fledged marketing agency, we got you covered! Explore our packs and choose your perfect fit.

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SELLERS – S’whales
SELLERS – S’whales

Target consumers who care

Connect with individuals who prioritize sustainability and actively seek socially and ecologically responsible products, like yours.

Be sure to showcase them at the right moment, to the most suitable customers.

Reach out to eco-consumers based in Belgium, France and the Netherlands.

Craft a swell community with your favourite consumers, awaiting your updates.

Shown on every product to prove your commitment to the highest standards.

A powerful marketing suite

While you’re busy making our planet better, we’re here to help you promote your products and brand. This is what we do best! 

Keep your followers posted with your latest products without lifting a finger.

Easily enhance your sales with promotions, special offers, and coupon codes.

No more guessing, simply check your store analytics to see what to do next.

Follow our tips and make your products & store stand out on search engines.

SELLERS – S’whales

Seller's F.A.Q.

No, not anyone can sell on our platform. Only verified companies following sustainable standards will be able to sell on our marketplace.

We verify all companies registering on our platform before allowing them to publish their shop and sell their products on S’whales. We are fully dedicated to ensuring that every product offered on our platform adheres to the principles of environmental sustainability and social responsibility without wavering. By doing so, we strive to guarantee that our platform serves as a hub for products that have been produced with utmost respect for our planet and society. 

Here is the list of requirements:

  • to hold at least one of the recognised sustainable certifications or to produce your products in Belgium, France, or the Netherlands
  • to be located in Belgium, France, or the Netherlands
  • to have a verified entity in one of these countries
  • to have a valid EU VAT number
  • to have a Stripe Account in order to receive payment
    Note that you don’t need a Stripe account to register. You create it via our platform when you complete our onboarding.

For now, you can sell:

  • sustainable clothing – for all ages
  • DIY fashion items
  • sustainable games & toys
  • DIY games & toys items

When you register on our platform, you agree to ship your products to all our customers based in Belgium, France and the Netherlands.

Yes, you can! Simply subscribe to our special S’whales Launch Offer and get 6 months for free to try it out. 
Note that this is a limited-time offer and that you can only subscribe to it once.

1. You need a monthly subscription to be able to sell. S’whales’ plans are pre-paid on a monthly basis.
However, you can try our platform for free for 6 months with our limited S’whales Launch offer 😉

2. We apply only one fee, and only when you make a sale. The fee is calculated based on the product price, excluding VAT and shipping costs. It amounts to 20% + €0.50 of the product price and is calculated per product.
To have a clearer view, have a look at these different scenarios with practical examples:
– if you sell one product A at 20€, the marketplace commission will be 4.50€, so you will earn 15.50€
– if you sell two products A at 10€, the marketplace commission will be 4.50€, so you will earn 15.50€
– if you sell one product A at 10€ and one product B at 10€, the marketplace commission will be 5€, so you will earn 15€
– if you sell one product A at 10€ and two products B at 5€, the marketplace commission will be 5€, so you will earn 15€

Why do we charge you a fee when you make a sale, in addition to your shop subscription? This marketplace fee enables us to cover most of the costs associated with processing your order. Meanwhile, the shop subscription helps us manage expenses related to maintaining your shop, compensating our team and partners’ work as well as keeping S’whales alive. It also enables us to run advertising campaigns — especially for those on an enterprise pack subscription — so your brand and products get discovered by the right consumers.

No, nothing more than the monthly subscription and the marketplace commission fee, which is only charged when you make a sale. We will not charge you any listing fees, payment fees, or additional fees for refunds and support, unlike traditional marketplaces.

You can do so in just one click. When you cancel your pack, this one will remain active until the next billing cycle. Afterwards, your plan will stop and you will lose all the features of the cancelled plan. Your shop and products will be deactivated and will not be visible on our marketplace anymore.

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